New features:





usable for DV4mini and DV4mini-AMBE

changed default QRG to protect the uplink of amateur radio satellites

We use a new config file. Please reenter user data and frequencies





Layout adapted to the possibilities of MMDVM (DMR)

20-digit indication of the location / QTH-Locator up to 10 digits

QTH-Locator up to 10 digits

DMR-ID usable with extensions (01-99)

All TS1 and TS2 Talkgroups are supported

Supports PrivateCall

Supports Embedded Data (Talker-Alias + GPS)

Selection option for setting the TX-Talkgroup (DV4mini-AMBE)

User ID and Talkgroup are now displayed for incoming streams

For DMR+ IPSC2 registrations, static Talkgroups are available up to 5x for TS1 and 5x for TS2 in expert mode (MMDVM-Option)

Brandmeister LOGIN with password and authentication

Supports Brandmeister "Hotspot-Security"

For Brandmeister settings of static Talkgroups maintained in the BM SelfCare area

ECHO is now activated with the Talkgroup TG9990 as GroupCall

DMR is no longer dependent on ColorCode CC=00 in the reception. All CC are set to DV4mini at CC=01





XLX000 - XLX999 are now included in the DCS list and are addressed with the DCS protocol

XRF and REF server lists are now updated online from up-to-date source (no longer use of local xref.ip file)

XRF, REF and other operating modes now automatically connect to the last set reflector even after a restart





FCS is now ready to link to YCS. The new FCS232 is a direct connection to the YCS001 but just with the FCS protocol, you can set with the control center which room you want to use

All incoming C4FM streams are set to TX: 00 to be compatible with PiStar and OpenSpot