Bootloader/Firmware update:


In order to update the firmware a boot loader is installed in the DV4mini:

First you save the new firmware file to your computer. You will find it at


In the “FW Update” tab click on “Flash Firmware”.




A file selection window opens and you select the new firmware file. This makes the LEDs on the DV4mini blink in different colors and when it is finished the blue light is on solid.

Now the firmware will be updated. When it is done end the program and restart. It may take a little while until the DV4mini is found again. Be patient.

The boot loader is protected. Even with a power outage or interruption of the USB interface the update procedure can be repeated.


If the boot loader does not start you can start it manually (this is usually NEVER required).



You need to connect the red marked points for example with tweezers while inserting the DV4mini into the USB interface. The boot loader will start with LEDs in color. Now you can start the user interface dv4mini. Go to expert settings load the new firmware by clicking on “Flash Firmware”.